How To Make money online from twitter

Its not difficult to make $500 a day using twitter. A lot of my friends are making such an amount and their earnings going up everyday. But question is what is needed to make money from twitter?. Let me tell you what people are doing on twitter. First of all you need to have lot of twitter followers. There are many twitter services which can generate as much as 20,000 twitter followers within just a week. I use social-grow as they provide an awesome service. For just $45 they will give your twitter account 20k followers.

Now what next once you have your followers? Do you know advertisers pay when you tweet about their products which include their website url? Do you know where you can find those advertisers? Just click here and sign up to find all the advertisers who are willing to pay for your tweets. You can set price yourself how much you want to get paid per tweet. Less you charge more advertisers will come to you. Actual concept is that when you tweet this tweet is visible and read by many of the followers in your network and it helps generate sales for advertisers. More followers you have more the chance advertisers will contact you for advertising their tweets. Still not convinced? Try yourself it works great to make huge money.